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February 2014

Found 6 blog entries for February 2014.

Boise River

In Boise, Idaho, it's too easy to forget you're in the heart of a major city when you throw your line into the crisp, flowing waters of the Boise River – towering cottonwoods hugging you on every side, blue skies stretching as far as the eye can see, and not a hint of the busy workings of downtown just yards away. There's few places that can mimic an isolated wilderness, complete with wildlife and scenic views in the middle of town – and it just might be Boise's best feature, especially if you like to fish and don't want to spend half the day driving to your favorite destination. Boise Idaho welcomes you!

The Boise River Greenbelt is a paved pathway that follows the meandering curves of the Boise River for roughly 25 miles, and on it you'll find

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Some of the most beautiful locations in Idaho exist around water. And Idaho is teeming with lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, which have as much aesthetic value as they do recreational. Idaho is no stranger to both, and boasts picture perfect locations in areas found everywhere in the state.

Pettit Lake

In the heart of the gorgeous Sawtooth Mountain range is Pettit Lake, a lovely alpine lake just south of the town of Stanley. If you're looking for a beautiful backdrop for Idaho camping or trail hiking, then Pettit Lake is the destination for you. Beginning at Pettit Lake, you'll find trails that lead into the Sawtooth Mountains, including Toxaway Lake Trail, an 18 mile round trip with unbelievable scenic views.

Payette Lake

McCall is a resort

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There's so much more to Idaho than meets the eye, which is why our great state is so underrated. From beautiful stretching wilderness areas to rugged mountain ranges, Idaho is packed with stunning views and spectacular recreation opportunities. One of our state's most exciting areas but perhaps the least celebrated, is the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. The SNRA is located in beautiful central Idaho, and is largely responsible for much of Idaho's world famous recreation. Sawtooth's Beautiful landscape are centraly located and are a short drive from wherever you live in Boise's communities.

The entire Sawtooth National Recreation Area stretches to an approximate 778,000 acre area in central Idaho, and lies within the Boise, Challis, and Sawtooth

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U.S. Army Captain Benjamin Bonneville, an early Idaho explorer, arrived to a location on the Oregon Trail along with his band of emigrants and saw in the far reaches among a beautiful valley a pronounced green along the river – a sight that told them the water and grass would be good. “Les bois, les bois!” “The trees! The trees!” It was a joyous occasion.

This is just one of the stories behind the origin of Boise's name. French Canadian fur trappers set up their traps along the Boise River, which had become a distinct landmark in an otherwise high desert plain. They called it “La riviére boisée,” which translates into the wooded river. No matter where the word Boise originally came from, the valley has certainly become a paradise of trees, and has

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Just northeast of Idaho Falls--just a four hour drive from Boise-- is one of America’s national treasures: Yellowstone. Many have ventured up to that legendary park and have been touched by it’s beauty, but what makes it so special? Where did it all come from? How did it all start? 

Yellowstone is, if put simply, mountains and lakes. However, these mountains and lakes are not normal because underneath the earth at Yellowstone is a massive geothermal pocket. This pocket is the hottest pocket of underground heat in the continental United States, if not the world. The unique properties of the geothermal heat of Yellowstone makes the ground far more fertile than your garden variety patch of land, and, as such, produces healthier and more plentiful plant…
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If there's one thing Idaho isn't short on, it's natural areas. The state is nearly covered with beautiful scenic attractions, many of them unlike anything found anywhere else on the earth. Much of Idaho is large and unspoiled – literally.

You've heard the terms - wilderness, forest, woods, park, and national recreation areas. But do you really know what they mean? Understanding what these words truly represent can give you a new appreciation of what kind of unique gem the state of Idaho actually is.

Wilderness – When you think of a wilderness, images of trees, wooded hills, and wild animals likely come to mind. But areas you might have thought of as a wilderness, probably aren't. A wilderness is actually defined as a natural environment that is

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