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January 2014

Found 12 blog entries for January 2014.

Snake River With Tetons

Why should you consider moving to Idaho? Isn't it just a bunch of rocks and potatoes? Many people think the same way, but in most surveys, Idaho ranks very high. Idaho received the only A rating on the economic collapse blog and CNBC rated them number ten in best states to live. It has also been rated to be a relaxed and creative state. But why is this? Why has Idaho been voted to be one of the safest and most inexpensive states to live?

1) Safety

No doubt you want to be safe, you want to live in a place where you don't have to live in fear of what is going to happen to your home when you go to work or to a friends. Safety is a big concern for a lot of people. Luckily for you, Idaho is one of the safest states in the nation. It's rated as fifth

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Downtown From Street Level

Whether you are a business owner, worker, or a consumer, Idaho is one of the best places to live! The fertile land of Idaho is not just for growing crops, it is also a great place for growing a business almost any kind.

What is it that makes Idaho so great for up-and-coming businesses and their consumers? Well, has a breakdown of just how good Idaho is. It gives all the states they have surveyed a traditional school letter grade; ranging from A+ all the way down to an F. In the A+ category along with Utah, New Hampshire and a few others, Idaho was listed. The survey included things like "Ease of Starting a Business" to "Health and Safety to Regulations."

In an interview on the Boise Valley Economic Partnership, Sander Daniels,

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Movie Room

For movie fans (we are all to some extent these days, right) that want to have a better viewing experience at home, consider a home theater system. Below are the essentials for putting together your home theater that will make sense in almost every home, no matter the size.

Obviously the most important part of a home theater system is the TV. The viewing experience in your home theater can be made or broken by the mode of viewing--picking the right TV is vital. There is an array of different television options you can chose from. You can get a normal flat screen TV, or you can buy one of the new smart TV's that have been coming out, starting at around three hundred dollars. However, there is also an alternative to a TV-- projectors.

Many have a

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No matter where one live across the world, music is a fundamental element of human expression. Through music, cultures are preserved, histories are told, and emotions are realized. Music is one of the elements that links the world together. In Idaho, the Boise Philharmonic preserves the music's cultural importance, “The mission of the Boise Philharmonic Association is to musically enrich, entertain and educate the people of our region through performance of symphonic music of the highest quality.”

The Boise Philharmonic, officially established in 1960, has since become Idaho’s largest and oldest musical organization. This Philharmonic has a 70-member professional orchestra with an additional choir. The members of the Boise Philharmonic are

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New Granite Counters

Humans are, unfortunately, accident prone. They drop, stain, and just all-around break things-- it is almost ridiculous! There doesn't seem to be an immediate solution, but homeowners and builders in Idaho have found a way to almost human-proof the number one problem area in the home: the kitchen.

You've no doubt been in one of these kitchens, they look strong, chic and unbreakable; but how does it work? It is simple: Hardwood floors, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. These three things have helped countless homeowners extend the functionality and fashionability of their homes. Could they be right for you?

Hardwood Flooring

Floors can hardly look better than when they are shod in strong wood.You have probably, at some point or

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Basement Recording Studio

Here in the Idaho, it's quite common for people to renovate their basements. If you are one of those people, you may be at a cross roads. Let's say you just finished the basement in you home, now what's the next step? You'll want to decide what you want or need from that space. If you haven't taken the time to finish or get your basement finished, these fun ideas might be motivation. Here are a few ideas for what you can do with that space that gives you endless options under your house:

Play or Game Room
Something that basements are commonly used for is a play room. Why? it's fun! Isn't it nice to have a place to go with all the toys and gadgets to keep you or guests' attention? You can put just about anything down there you want-- billiards, ping

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Egyptian Theater

When you come into downtown Boise, among all the buildings and parks, there is a building that doesn't quite fit. You may see it out of the corner of your eye-- what’s that? Maybe, you’ll even drive back around to get another look at it and you realize that it’s a theater, but not a normal theater, it’s a theater that looks like an Egyptian tomb.

The Egyptian Theater is an iconic Boise landmark. At first glance it may look like an odd and old building for the growing metropolis of downtown-- what is this big, ancient looking building doing here? But, when you look back into the history of the Egyptian Theater, it makes more sense.

The Theater was built in 1927, during the ‘flapper’ era. It’s Egyptian theme is due to the discovery of King Tut’s

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Nice Two Story House

When the weather turns cold, homeowners everywhere rejoice at the convenience offered by their garage. But there's much more to the garage than meets the eye, and it can be just as useful to have in the summer months as the winter months. Roughly 70 percent of homeowners come in and out of their home through the garage, using it as their front door. What's more, is that the garage is a lot more important to your home's overall value than you may have suspected.

The garage door is the largest moving object in your home, and it can have a substantial impact on your home's value. While 70 percent of homeowners use their garage for its intended purpose, to park your car, many a typical homeowner uses their garage to store stuff. So much stuff, that the

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Boise Art Museum

If you've never gone to a museum, you probably are thinking of paintings, many old things. You might even think they are boring. If these are your thoughts toward museums, you haven't experienced the Boise Art Museum.

The Boise Art Museum has been a part of the city for the good part of a century. It all began back in 1931 when a group of Boise-- and other resident Treasure Valley-- art enthusiasts got together. They met in the Boise Hotel and began thinking that Boise needed more art influence. These people became the Boise Art Association.

It wasn't until 1937 that the Boise Art Musuem was finally built with the help of the Boise Art Association and the City of Boise. The location for Boise's first art museum was to be Julia Davis Park (downtown

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This cold weather season is the perfect time to finally get around to managing and lowering your heating costs. As a homeowner you're likely already familiar with the many ways you can cut down on heating costs -- having a well insulated home and a programmable thermostat are two of them -- but one of the more questionable ways, the space heater, may have you wondering. Here we'll tell you everything you need to know about the oftentimes inexpensive and easy to use space heater as the days continue to grow shorter and the temperature drops. Is one right for you and your home?

Drawing upon the wisdom from Consumer Reports, the bottom line about whether or not a space heater can save you money is this: space heaters can comfortably warm a chilly

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