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December 2013

Found 7 blog entries for December 2013.

Yes, generally October, November and December are considered the off season for buying and selling real estate. But the real estate market never closes, even when the weather is frigid and most people are too busy getting ready for the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season to think much about anything else. Regardless of the entertaining, merriment and gift giving going on through the end of the year, yes, you can still buy a home! But should you? Here, we'll go into detail why buying a home in November can be a great time of year to do so.

Sellers do generally avoid this time of year as many buyers are otherwise occupied with the demands of the season. As a result, many sellers feel under pressure and are more highly motivated to sell

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Balanced Rock

If you're looking for something fun and off-the-wall to do here in Idaho, a drive down to Balanced Rock might be the perfect expedition. It's located in an out-of-the-way location south of Buhl in the Salmon Falls Creek Canyon – if you're traveling from Boise, take Interstate 84 east to the Hagerman exit. From there, follow highway 30 south into Buhl and follow the signs toward Balanced Rock. To get in it's free, and it's the perfect day trip for people of all ages.

Balanced Rock in Idaho is not to be confused with Balanced Rock in Utah. Both are spectacular sights, but with a quick Google search you'll notice that both rock formations are quite different. Utah's Balanced Rock, located in Arches National Park, rises roughly 128 feet, while Balanced

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September and early October in Boise are a dream with near perfect mild temperatures.  Mid October in Boise, Idaho is when the days start to cool and near-freezing nights begin to usher their way into the valley. With quite a few October days still reaching pleasant temperatures, it can still feel like those frigid winter temperatures are a long way off -- but they're sooner than you think. While the Treasure Valley doesn't experience the severe weather patterns we often see across the midwest and the North, we do have our share of chilly days throughout the winter, along with all the associated side effects. Whether you've lived in Boise, Idaho all your life or you've just moved in, here are some helpful cold weather facts so you can handle the

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Main Street

Have you ever found yourself wondering how the streets you drive up and down every day came into being? How and who gave them their name, how long have they been there, and how much have they changed? Street names can range from the ordinary to the crazy – from Psycho Path Way in Traverse City, Michigan to Shades of Death Road in Warren County, New Jersey.

Boise, Idaho is much like every other American town, our street names are primarily named after numbers, trees and the surnames of important people, such as presidents or important historical figures – Martin Luther King is a common one. The kind of street name you're fated to have depends largely upon the city you choose to live in, and the names requested by developers and new subdivisions.

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Moving isn't only stressful on you, but it's just as stressful for your pets. Whether you're moving with cats or dogs, here's some tips to make the transition into your new home as smooth as possible -- on both of you.

Pets have an instinctive fear of new places, which makes a quick adjustment necessary. If you want to keep your pets as happy as possible, it involves plenty of pre planning, which begins the moment you know you're going to move. If you're moving a significant distance, you'll likely need a pet handling agency, which can handle all the details involving boarding, pick up and delivery. If you won't be using a pet handling agency, it's important to play it safe in the car. It's best if your dog remains in a crate during travel time, or

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Clothing Store

We're always excited when thrilling, new developments come to the Boise area, and The Village at Meridian is no exception. If you've managed to miss all the construction, The Village at Meridian is on the corner of N. Eagle Road and E. Fairview Avenue, and coming this fall – bringing with it an explosion of new employment opportunities, increased entertainment options to satisfy everyone, and an added lifestyle to the city of Meridian.

Meridian, Idaho

Meridian, Idaho is sandwiched between Boise and Nampa, and the three cities combine to make Idaho's population hub and one of the fastest growing areas in the Northwest. The third largest city in Idaho with roughly 75,000 residents, Meridian is Idaho's fastest growing city with an astounding 81.5

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Freshly Cleaned Bathroom

There's more reasons behind keeping your house clean than meets the eye. A lot of people tend to put off cleaning until the mess is too big to ignore and they're sick of tripping over laundry -- or the neighbors are stopping by and they're worried about image. While these are great reasons to get the task done, there are far better incentives than those -- most importantly, our health. It's super easy to not think about our health when it comes to keeping the house clean, because we can't see the build up of actual germs. These germs are home grown invisible dangers, particularly in the kitchen where cross contamination can result. According to the CDC, there's an estimated 76 million cases of food borne illnesses each year which send about 325,000

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