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November 2013

Found 2 blog entries for November 2013.

Color is everywhere around us -- it's ubiquitous. And when it comes to your home, while there is no hard and fast rule about what the best and worst colors are, there are definitely things you should take into consideration before you whip out the paint brush. Did you know that blue is calming as well as an appetite suppressant? It's often considered a poor choice for the dining room. When choosing colors, knowing the psychology behind them can go a long way towards successfully decorating your space.


You don't often run into a house that is painted black. If ever? Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery. Not the best choices when it comes to representing the space you live in – unless you're going for

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House With Nice Yard

The end of summer does not equal the end of lawn care.

Normally, homeowners think of lawn care during the spring and summer. But the cooler months of the year is not a hiatus from taking care of your lawn. The cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall the season ushers in is a welcome change for your lawn, and the ideal time to prepare your lawn for the upcoming spring season – but only if you want thick, lush green grass.

Continue Mowing Through Fall. It might seem like your grass stops growing in the fall, but in reality your lawn is quickly absorbing nutrients and moisture to prepare for the winter that lies ahead. Keep watering and mowing your grass as needed, then as the season tapers to an end, drop your mower's blade to its lowest

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