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October 2013

Found 10 blog entries for October 2013.

Bogus Basin

There is nothing quite like flying down the mountain at top speeds as you feel the ice cold wind blow on your face. You lean left, then right, then left again. You look ahead top and just then your ski catches a bump in the snow and you feel yourself hurling in the air. With barely time to think, you then feel yourself hit the snow on the ground. Your hot body from exercise melts the snow and starts to feel cold. Having the wind knocked out of you, you try desperately to breathe. When you finally can breath so you open your eyes. You look up and see your best friend hovering over you. “Duuude, you should’ve seen you wipe out- that was epic.” You turn over and groan, then smile. You get up, shake off the snow and start down the mountain once again.

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Well Planed House with Curb Appeal

Many people believe that house staging is a long, complicated process and can only be understood by professionals. This isn't true. You already have most of the knowledge and skills that you need. Though your main focus is selling the home, you also understand the buyer’s perspective. You've been there before so trust your instincts. Try to remember what you were looking for as a buyer. You bought your house. Why? What was it about the house that you live in that stuck out to you? Don’t underestimate your knowledge. You know your house better than anyone else. When getting ready for a buyer, simply learn to accentuate the positives of your home. Think big picture but don’t forget about the little details. Every little detail of your home should

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Autumn Pumpkins

What better way to celebrate October (and the new season) than with a decorative overhaul of your home? Many homeowners embrace the month of October not only because they can finally take out the fall and Halloween decorations from the attic, but because it's crisp and fresh outdoors. In Boise, Idaho, it's an exceptionally gorgeous time of year with an abundance of colorful fall foliage. The weather is still warm enough not to require a parka, and those long evening walks with the leaves crunching under your feet is one of the simple pleasures of the season.

One of the most popular decorative elements for the season is the pumpkin. What we like best about the pumpkin is that it brings nature into your home with both elegance and style – and it

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Horse Drawn Fire Engine

In honor of celebrating Boise's sesquicentennial, let's take a dive down memory lane at one of the most important organizations in the city of Boise – the Boise Fire Department. The department's history truly begins with one of downtown's most historically significant buildings, the Central Fire Station that sits on the northeast corner of Idaho and 6th Street. With a glimpse at the past surrounding the Central Fire Station, we can gain a better understanding of just how far Boise's Fire Department has come over the course of Boise's history.

In January of 1876, a volunteer Fire Department was officially organized with the contributions of 28 men. Roughly four months later, the George Washington Stilz blacksmith shop at 619 Main Street was changed

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You put your hands on your knees and inhale, trying to catch your breath. You look up.. You consider giving up but you turn around and gaze at how far you've come. The sight of your footsteps in the sand gives you the determination to keep going.

Finally, you are almost there. The closeness of your destination gives you the energy to finish. You reach the top. You’re out of breath and your heart is racing as you gaze out in the distance. Your breath catches again, but this time it’s not out of exhaustion, rather, the beauty around you. Hills of sand stretches for miles. The sun touches the earth with glorious light. This is why you climbed to the top. And it was worth it.

Rising at 470 feet, Bruneau Sand Dunes is home to the tallest

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MLS Screen Shot

The Information Age has transformed the way we do almost everything - including buying a home. Living in a knowledge based society makes the transaction of buying and selling real estate far easier than it has ever been before. To compare, think back to the early 1990s when buying a home involved cruising around town for hours searching for colorful signs in seller's yards. This was especially hard for those who were moving states, sometimes taking as much time as a part time job. Buying a home today on the internet is not only faster, but it's easier to find the home with all the specifications you are looking for. And instead of cruising around neighborhoods, people can easily do much of their Idaho house hunting right from their home computer, an

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Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sustainable energy sources in the world – and in Idaho, wind energy is in a boom. Wind, like hydroelectricity, solar energy, wave power, and geothermal energy are all sustainable provisions of energy that don't compromise our future generation's ability to meet their needs to live a full, comfortable life. In a world that is steadily working toward utilizing energy efficiency and renewable energy, Idaho is in the front of the game – and there to stay. The driver behind Idaho's progressive movement is the Wind Powering Program at the Idaho National Laboratory, a U.S. Department of Energy program that works toward dramatically increasing the use of wind energy in the United States.

Wind is a clean source of

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Lucky Peak Diversion Dam

Everyone needs to get away every once in awhile to decompress and enjoy an afternoon without everyday worries and concerns. Whether it’s during the summer or just on a weekend, Lucky Peak lake provides the serenity needed in order to distress. Lucky Peak State park was listed in Northwest Travel Magazine as one of the Northwest’s 25 top parks. Being only 10 minute drive or a 30 minute bike ride away from Boise, this breathtaking location doesn't require too much planning to visit for the whole day or even just a few hours. In every season, there is a fun activity at Lucky Peak Reservoir for everyone.

One of the most attractive activities on the water is boating. Everyone who enjoys water activities has something in common- they know how to have

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Nice Brick Two Story House

There's all kinds of lists out there that tell you what to do to your Idaho home to increase its value. With so many opportunities to improve your home and make it more appealing to future buyers, it can be hard to resist the appeal of adding a swimming pool – or perhaps a sun room, or a highly customized office redo. You're thinking of using your home equity for some seriously cool upgrades and renovations with the intention of getting it back, and more, when you sell. Not all projects are practical though, or created equal.

There are some hot, and some not so hot remodels and upgrades you can do to your home, so, we've gone into detail regarding some of the most practical and cost effective improvements you can make, and some of the worst.

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Freak Alley

Throughout time, communities have longed to share with each other what they’re passionate about, and communicate to each other through art. No matter the opposition, artists in these communities strive to always create life through a painting. When trials attempt to overcome them, they fight back through artwork. Governments who have oppressed their expression have been overthrown. People have and will always eventually fight for their freedom of expression. In America, our founding fathers have fought for this right. And though the Revolutionary war is over, the fight is still being fought today.

Today in Boise, Idaho, artists take fight to keep that right, not a fight against government but rather a fight against unimaginative and complacency.

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