Educational Programs and Opportunities at the Pocatello Zoo

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Visiting the zoo is always a fun experience. You get to enjoy the antics of the animals, and see animals up close that you normally wouldn’t be able to. The grizzly exhibit at the Pocatello Zoo features a brand new enclosure with a glass wall. The grizzly bears often get close, as the habitat goes directly to the glass. You’ll be able to be closer to a bear than you’d ever be able to.

Of course, simply visiting the animals isn’t all that you can do at the Pocatello Zoo. They host a variety of events throughout the season, and even celebrate the bears’ birthdays with cake and a party. However, the Pocatello Zoo is also a great opportunity to learn even more about the animals and their habitats.

The Pocatello Zoo has plenty of educational programs and opportunities that the general public can enjoy, or you can participate in their special programs for groups. Whether you want to schedule a visit for a school group, youth group, community group, or beyond, the Pocatello Zoo can accommodate your needs.

EdZoocation Programs

The Pocatello Zoo seeks to make education fun and exciting. Their program is called EdZoocation, and features a discovery center, as well as specialized programs like a sleepover in the zoo. Take a look, and you might discover a unique program you didn’t even know about.

· Discovery Stations. This is a unique educational opportunity that is free with zoo admission. It moves around every day, and its focus changes. You might find a theater production, an animal encounter, or more. Check with the Ticket Booth to learn where the Discovery Station is, and what its focus is, for the day.

· Keeper Chats. If you’ve always wanted to talk to a zookeeper, this daily event is your chance. You’ll be able to ask questions and learn even more about the animals.

· Wildlife Theater. The Wildlife Theater is available daily, and you’ll be able to enjoy watching programs about birds and the other animals at the zoo. It’s an outdoor theater, and the information is great for all ages.

· Backpack Programs. For just $2, you can check out a themed backpack. It’s full of educational activities for everyone. Explore the zoo, and learn about the animals in a way that it makes it fun and engaging.

· Zoo Buddies. This is a wonderful literacy program that’s geared toward children between the ages of 0 and 5. Storytellers lead the 30 to 45 minute sessions, and tell animal stories. It also helps develop an interest in science, while promoting literacy.

· Zoorific Tours. Geared toward groups, Zoorific Tours are guided tours of the zoo. They are one-hour tours, and great for school groups as they focus on educational standards and a specific topic.

· Zoo Camp. These are themed day, or half-day camps, full of learning, fun, and activities. Children will learn about the animals and conservation. The day camps include field trips, and a visit to the Aquatic Center.

· Late Summer ZooSnooZzzz. For a truly unique experience for children ages 6 and older, you can have a slumber party at the zoo. They’ll enjoy an evening barbeque, a night hike, and then camping in tents on the grounds. Each year provides a different theme.

· Wild Winter Weekends. For just two weekends in December, the Pocatello Zoo will be open for a special look at the zoo and animals in the winter. Enjoy hot cocoa and cookies during your zoo visit. 

· Winter Wonder SnooZzzz. This is an incredible one-day opportunity in January. Learn how the animals handle the winter. Some hibernate, migrate, or just stick it out through the cold. It’s a unique sneak peak behind-the-scenes of the zoo.

Fun and Learning

There are even more educational opportunities and programs than have been listed here. The Pocatello Zoo is dedicated to helping everyone learn more about the zoo and animals, and they have some fantastic programs in place. There are special outreach programs geared toward schools.

These opportunities allow you to enjoy the Pocatello Zoo in an entirely new way, while learning all about the animals, habitats, and conservation. Head over the Pocatello Zoo’s website to learn more, and to see if there are any programs that you’d be interested in. It’ll be an experience to remember, and you’ll learn a lot.

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